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AKC data shows that on average, each unique dog is entered twelve times per year in conformation events.


AKC statistics show Terrier registrations are the lowest of the seven groups and the Working group registrations are down 52% since 1996.

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                                                     Current Show Dogs

GCH Pawsatively The Devil Sent A Serpent (Lindie) was bred by Odebt and Bill Massey (Pawsatively), in June 2012. Out- going but serious in the ring, Lindie has finished her bronze level grand championship, owner handled. Lindie is a group placer with excellent coat, color and movement. 

GCH Nevars Polaris Temerity (Axel) is a German Pinscher and is our first non-terrier. He is also our first shedding dog.  Axel was bred by Lyn Stuby (Nevar) and Amy Issleib (Temerity) in June 2011. He is a high energy dog that has good working dog movement and plenty of ring presence. Axel was the only black and red dog, and the only owner handled dog, to win BOS or BOB, at the 2014 GPCA National weekend.      

Casey's Pawsatively Choice (Pearl) is our newest show dog. She will also be our first dog shown in the Bred By Exhibitor class. Pearl was bred by Odebt Massey and Charlene Dwyer in February 2014. She is from the second breeding of GCH Tontine's Chance Redemption and CH Pawsatively The Devils Are Dancing. Pearl is pictured winning the Sweepstakes at the St. Louis Kerry Blue Terrier Club Specialty in September 2014.