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Useful Information

The Kerry Blue Terrier is a true non-shedding breed. His coat is continuously growing and needs weekly brushing and full grooming every four to six weeks.  


The dog in the picture is a rescued Kerry named Blue, He was misidentified at a shelter as a Tibetan Terrier. He now lives in New Mexico with his new family and is working on his obedience title.

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Kerry Blue Terrier Grooming

Basically the trim for the Kerry Blue is the same whether he is a show dog or a pet.  The major difference is the amount of time spent and the amount of scissoring versus clippering.  We believe, to groom a Kerry correctly a thorough knowledge of the breed standard is necessary.  Review the Kerry Blue Terrier standard on this website and study the illustrated standard Pay particular attention to the anatomy diagrams as you read the text.

If you click on the picture below you will see our system for grooming the Kerry Blue Terrier. This is a brief overview and not meant as the definitive word on the subject.  No one knows everything about grooming this breed and everyone can always learn more.  We have developed our style over the years from techniques learned from handlers at shows, other breeders and our competition.

Be patient and learn to groom your dog the proper way.  Resorting to short cuts might make the grooming go quicker, but will not give you the results that make the Kerry Blue so striking.